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Rape and other associated realities

I was scrolling through my Facebook Feed after a heavy lunch when I came across a post that ruined my entire day, or rather whatever was left of it. Nestled very quietly between a Curly Tales post about a sports bar in Dubai that serves Chicken Nuggets and Fries coated with edible Gold dust, and a Bookmyshow advertisement about Cirque Du Soleil was the following post by Manupatra.

Excuse me? Does this have to be spelled out to the Indian Public in the form of a Judgement in a case? Apparently so, given the day and age we are living in. Maybe soon we will have judgments (if we don't already) laying down specifically that a woman's clothing, her hair, her makeup, her food habits, her living arrangements, or whatever else does not give a man the Right to Rape her. It seems to be the need of the day, doesn't it?
It makes me angry. Actually, just makes me sad that it has come down to this. It's just sad that in our society its a norm that girls are asked to come home early,…
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Budapest, na it's Buda-best!

I first heard of Budapest when I was fairly young, maybe around 10 or 11. The video rental guy near my house, who knew of my mum's penchant for old black and white romances, gave us a seemingly innocuous CD called "The Shop Around the Corner". Anyone who understood which modern day romantic comedy is based on this, raise your hand. The movie was set in Budapest, and because of this, I learnt that Budapest is the capital of Hungary, which is in Europe. The movie was great, and later much much later, I was quite disappointed to learn that while the movie was set in Budapest, the movie was actually not shot in Budapest. 
As time passed, I saw a couple of music videos which where shot in Budapest, read a couple of books that mentioned Budapest fleetingly, and slowly and surely the city slipped into the back of my mind. Then of course, came the time to plan my actual trip to Eastern Europe. I did my research on Prague, and Prague and more on Prague. I loo…

The Revenant, Mr.DiCaprio and one Academy Award.

Last Monday morning (India Time) a beaming Julianne Moore put a million fans , sitting on the edge of their seats (not me obviously, cause it was Monday morning and I was in Court) , all over the world, out of their misery when she presented the Oscar to Leonardo DiCaprio. It was an epic moment which was almost 12 years in the making and it reduced the world into a sobbing proud mess, just like Leo's darling BFF, Kate Winslet. Well about time, I say, cause this "LEO DESERVES AN OSCAR" mania reached its peak this year, and we all know about the little Android (?) game that was doing the rounds in the weeks preceding the Academy Awards. 

Most girls my age in India were introduced to "Jack", a long time ago in the James Cameron epic, Titanic. From then on, I made it my mission in life to try and watch as many of his movies as possible, and I must say I was not disappointed. Whether it was Jack, or King Louis XIV, or Frank Abagnale Jr. or Howard Hughes (which earned…

Fitoor : Movie Review

I am actually happy that they warn you before the movie itself begins. Yes, for the unaware, this movie is an "adaptation of Great Expectations". For the uninitiated, this is that very same book you were made to read in Class 7, chapter by chapter, with a hope that in a class of 25 at least 5 will actually begin to "appreciate Classics". There's Pip, there's Estella and my all time favorite jilted bride turned manipulative bitch, Miss Havisham and there's Miss Havisham's wedding dress! For me atleast, after class 7 and this book, I learnt a fancy new word - bildungsroman, and discovered the magic of "To Kill a Mocking Bird", and as cliched as it may seem, became a Lawyer.

            Fast forward 14 years, and in 2016, the first thing I hear about Fitoor, is the great "55 Lakh Rupees Hair" Controversy, when I was listening to the radio in a friends car. Wait what! 55 lakhs? really? for hair dye? woah! Isse acha Godre…

Where do they shoot these videos in India?

What do Major Lazer's Lean On, Iggy Azalea's Bounce and Coldplay's Hymn for the Weekend have in common? Well they all have videos that are shot in India. But honestly speaking, what India were they shot in? No, really. Tell me which one of us has seen Sadhus with long Orange sashes flying behind them? or which one of us rides an Elephant to work everyday? Sorry Iggy.

Everyone one of these videos has been shot in this country, yes, but do they really have to crank up the colours so much? It hurts my eyes, really. For all the Non Indians out there reading my post, no we do not wear only bright colours, clothing choices in pastel are a thing here, do not be fooled by these videos. Another thing, we don't have Sadhus (those bearded holy men) sitting in every street corner, just staring at people passing by, nor do you find elephants on the road, well, mostly.

Dancing in front of tree temples or any temples, especially with Sadhus is strictly frowned upon, especial…


I know I haven't written for a while. Quite some time actually. I can say I was so busy at work that I could hardly breathe, but then, I'd be lying. Inspiration was scarce. 15 hour working days don't really bring out the hidden writer in you, nor do the many legal documents you've drafted. Excuses.Excuses. It is the time of the year for my end of the year, I am getting a year older post, but then again, i found no reason to go ahead and write that. Until, today morning. I was at work, and then an article in internet catches my eye. It says that Brett Lee is going to act in a Hindi movie. That was the point when I realised that well my childhood has officially ended. No, it was not when the end credits of Deathly Hallows rolled, or when I graduated or on the first day of my first job. It was today. Six months into my second job, a week before my 24th birthday, I realised the world I lived in as a child has turned topsy turvy. Brett Lee, a person who I worshipped for his …

Aditi's KKHH rant

I remember back in 2000, when I was a little girl, and dreamed of knights on white chargers (wasn't I a lame kid?. tsk!), I adored Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Kajol wasn't my favourite, but she was dark and fat, much like myself, and I thought, "Hey! she got the guy of herdreams. There is hope for me!" (like I said. LAME.) So, anyway, I watched it every time they showed it on TV, and it is a proof of how dumb (or damaged?) I used to be, that I did not notice how twisted the movie was, until I was well into in my teens.
First of all, it was sort of obvious that Shahrukh Khan's character would get both girls, because:
a) it was shahrukh khan's b) there were two heroines in the movie, c) the movie was directed by his BFF.
Also --- and I am saying this at considerable risk of inviting the wrath of SRK's unjustifiably huge fandom--- Rahul was kind of a douche. 
Friends don't let friends fall off the grid. EVER. And I say this out of personal experie…